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Our Mission Statement: In light of the current cultural climate, Sights On Target will go above and beyond to ensure our clients are trained to the highest standards, and become their own first responders.

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This video will show if you are situationally aware, it's a big part of staying out of a gunfight and the only way to guarantee you win a gunfight is not to be in a gunfight. (CLICK ON THE ARROW NEXT TO TITLE OF VIDEO)

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Firearms Training, Simulator, CCW Permits & Preparedness

Firearms Training, Simulator, CCW Permits & Preparedness

CCW Permits, Basic Pistol, Defensive Pistol, Defensive Rifle Let Sights On Target certified USCCA / NRA instructors get you started on a good foundation for entry level pistol and rifle. After you have completed your basic training you'll be ready step up to our defensive classes that offer real world scenarios that you can't train on at your average gun range. We also offer private training for a more personal one on one learning experience. Let Sights On Target help you get started In preparing for emergencies of all types with our fundamental preparedness course, featuring food and water storage, how to become a prepper, and other areas that are essential to coming through an emergency.

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Smokeless Range Simulator

Smokeless Range Simulator

Experience realistic firearms training with our virtual simulators. The simulator guns have recoil for a more authentic feel also sight markers to show where you hit. Our simulator has drills to help you improve your accuracy and speed levels, it also has actual real-life scenarios putting you in situations you may encounter in your everyday life. Want to train in home, we can create different scenarios in your home i.e. coming in from your garage or home invasion, training dramatically improves your odds of coming out successfully. Companies today are more concerned with active shooters; we can create scenarios on your site for your designated defenders to train on. Substantially improving their situation in stopping the threat.

  • Kansas City, Missouri, United States

 The guys at Sights On Target are outstanding, they pay attention to the details and are all about safety, good class. 


 Effective training with a focus on firearm handling and accuracy from an experienced individual. If you're a new shooter or an experienced veteran this training is definitely useful in building critical skills for commercial and civilian use of protection. 


 Joe is an excellent instructor. I have completed Basic Handgun, and Concealed Carry training with Joe. I'm currently participating in Advanced training. He clearly explains the goals of each session, demonstrates the correct procedures, and steps you through the process with dry fire until you are ready. He catches your mistakes quickly and explains the value of correction. He is very knowledgeable, humble, and always has a positive outlook that motivates others to succeed. My handgun skills have dramatically improved under Joe's guidance. I highly recommend training with Joe 


 Joe and everyone else at Sights on Target are hands down worth every minute you spend with them. Friendly, accessible, affordable, and undeniably good at what they do, the amount of progress I experienced and knowledge I gained with them in as little as a few hours was outstanding - plus it was a blast all the while. I don’t know why I’d go anywhere else when these guys are in town. - Jackson M 

Jackson M

 This was the best formal firearms training that I have ever experienced. I have been shooting firearms for most of my life starting when I was eleven. Joe Dale's teaching starts from the very basic safety first all the way to advanced concepts and drills. It is not just standing in front of a paper target and blasting away. It is dynamic, moving shooter, kinetic exercises that simulate real world "serious social shooting" situations that might (hopefully never) be experienced in real life. Every round spent counts. I have been shooting a long time. I will say without hesitation that this was the best firearms instruction that I have ever had and without hesitation recommend Joe Dale to anyone interested in firearm use from the very beginner to the old timer. 

Joe H

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